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Purdue Boilermaker and Pop Rocks fans
The @TroyPopRocks always deliver. One of the best halftime shows you’ll see anywhere. (@JamesRRider) 

How do you think that little girl felt when they asked her, “hey, do you want to actually BE the jump rope? (@WHarmon18) 

Those cute little Pop Rocks were amazing at the halftime show!!!!!! (@CollinGardner) 

The @TroyPopRocks literally blew my mind! All I could say throughout was, “WOW!!!” #GoCards! (@cardsamandaj)

@TroyPopRocks just put on the best halftime show I’ve ever seen. You girls are #awesome! #BGSU #StrohCenter (@CameronKruzel) 

This halftime show is making me want to break out my old jump rope. #CrossroadsClassic (@Jessica_Wimsatt)

@TroyPopRocks I might have just witnessed the sweetest jump rope skills ever. (@coltonpirko5)

Ohio University fans react to a Pop Rocks halftime show
@TroyPopRocks best halftime show this season! I wish I was part of something so cool at that age! #impressed (M. @marissawxyz)

If you just saw the @TroyPopRocks then you’ll understand the following: What just happened? (That’s So Athens, @ThatsSoAthens)

Holy cow! @TroyPopRocks just owned that halftime show! The crowd was lovin’ it!!!! (Greg Warman, @gwarman2012)

@TroyPopRocks uses one of their own girls as a jump rope! The crowd goes wild!! (Anna Jensen, @AnnaJensen13)

I’ve never seen a stadium full of college kids more entertained. Standing O in the Convo. @TroyPopRocks #jumprope #dang (Kaity Conner, @kaity_conner) 

Huge Shout Out to @TroyPopRocks on a GREAT half time show here at the @StrohCenter #AwesomeHalfTime #PleaseComeBack (Falcon Fanatics, @FalconFanatics1)

Butler's "Dawg Pound" during Pop Rocks show on 01.25.14.
Best half time act this year! Thanks to @TroyPopRocks for performing today! (Butler Basketball, @ButlerMBB)

@TroyPopRocks You nailed it at #Butler! People loved the show! (Shane Williams @FanButler)

Standing ovation for @TroyPopRocks. AMAZING JOB!!!! #HinkleHalftime (Gwyn Fox Stump, @foxgwyn)

Just saw @TroyPopRocks at halftime of the butler game #speechless #howdtheydoit (Kevin Curnow, @kevin_curnow)

The @troypoprocks just made my day. Incredible lil ladiez. (Libby Birk, @LBirk5)

I want my picture with @troypoprocks. You owned the floor!! (Mary Guido, @mary_guido)
Troy Christian High School students pose with the Pop Rocks after a performance

@TroyPopRocks killed the half time show! You go girls! (Erin Bunn, @_ebunnz)

These little girls jump roping at halftime are really making me question my life. (@MauraMuenste) 

@TroyPopRocks using other humans as jump ropes, mind blown. #halftimeshow (Jenelle Cooper, @JenelleCooper)

Just had my mind blown by these incredible girl athletes @TroyPopRocks #GoBucks (Blake Bullock, @blakebullock) 

S/O to @TroyPopRocks that halftime show was awesome!! #ouohhyeah (Gabbie Mayer, @gabbiemayer)

@TroyPopRocks just killed Hinkle Fieldhouse! #amazing (Caroline Chip Kowal, @Caroline_Kowal)

That jump rope team BLEW MY MIND. Not even exaggerating when I say that was the best @butlermbb halftime show I’ve ever seen. @TroyPopRocks (Kara Michelle, @KaraGitz)

I cheered louder for the @TroyPopRocks than I have for any basketball game ever. (Katie Miller, @kattiemillerr)

@TroyPopRocks awesome performance at the globetrotters today! @globies (Kevin McGovern, @TheKGov)

Remember when the @troypoprocks stole the show from the basketball team? (Tom Shepherd, @Tom Shepherd92)
Centerville High School and Pop Rocks fans

@TroyPopRocks Your performance tonight was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!!! You have AMAZING talent, girls!!! (Stephanie Docter, @StephSuzDoc)

Pop Rocks jump rope rocks! Just watched these young girls from @troypoprocks perform at the akron u halftime show. Amazing! (Melissa Piglia, @melpiglia)

@ZipsMBB @TropPopRocks now THAT was a halftime show! (Tim Klinger, @tcklinger)

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