Jump Rope Skills

If you plan to try out for the team, click the links below to download and print tryout skill sheets. You can also contact Coach Josh Oakes to request copies at troypoprocks@gmail.com:

New jumpers: Elementary students

These are the skills to work toward if you will be in grades 3-5 during the 2018-19 academic year.

New jumpers: Sixth grade, junior high students

These are the skills to work toward if you will be in grades 6-8 during the 2018-18 academic year.

Returning jumpers

If you are a current team member planning to try out again, these are the skills to work toward.  

12th Street Rag

In addition to mastering tricks, it's important to master jumping to rhythm and beat and being able to adjust to speed. We learn this skill through 12th Street Rag, and now so can you thanks to this video demonstration by our jumpers.

Need more help?

Be sure to contact us to get a copy of the 12th Street Rag CD. Contact Pop Rocks Coach Josh Oakes to request your copy so you can practice at home. Get a copy of the 12th Street Rag music for $3 or purchase a bundle with the music and an instructional tricks DVD for $5. 

Visit the Jump Rope Tricktionary for a breakdown of more jump rope trips from beginning skills to advanced skills.

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